Are You Suppose To Get Cramping After You Have A Pap Smear?


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From working in an OB-Gyn clinic I know that many women cramp after their annual exam, which normally includes a pap smear.  If your regular over the counter pain reliever Aspirin, acetominiphin, ibuprofin, etc) doesn't relieve it or it lasts more than 24 hours you should let your doctor know. 
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I personally have never had that happen, take it easy for the rest of your day, and see how you feel in the morning. If it gets worse, I recommend that you go and get it checked out. Hope this helps.
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This happens to me. I asked my gyn who said it is normal...just the cervix reacting to the swab.
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I've never experienced anything like that.  The procedure really isn't all that invasive that it should result in cramps.  If you had a full pelvic exam as well, the cramps could be from that.  You said they were only slight, so relax, and see how it goes.  If they don't pass or if they worsen, call the gynecologist.

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