If You Have A Normal Pap Smear Does That Mean You Don't Have Hpv?


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ABSOLUTELY!  It is more evident as you get older....and it totally SHOWS on a papsmear!  The test would come back (can't remember the correct terminology) but it will show if a woman does have it!
The procedures to get rid of the HPV is DRASTIC.....usually calls for a LEEP procedure and if that doesn't work, a COLPOSCOPY....
I friend is a nurse and she works in THAT department of the hospital....
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There are more than 130 species of HPV and out of these 40 are STD. Out of these few are high risk like HPV 16 &  18. After transmission, it can take few weeks to years to show any signs like warts with average time 3 months. The cervical cancer can take longer time to show up in pap smear. Usually HPV 16 can take 7-12 years to cause cervical cancer.
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Yes a pap can detect it... My sister recently found out she has it but there are different kinds of HPV if it comes back that you do have it they will do a biopsy to find out if it is cancerous or not... And did you know that all men are carriers of HPV but it is just not always transmitted
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When I was diagnosed with hpv, it took my doctor only 2 days to get the results. That was when I was 4 months pregnant with my daughter, victoria. But the doctor said I had it for a while. When a woman starts to have intercourse, that's when she needs to start going to the ob/gyn. Early detection could mean early treatment.
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A pap smear can detect hpv only when you are requesting a hpv test or if a dr thinks symptoms that you have are that of hpv, other than that pap smears are yearly exams.
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The Pap smear test is the screening test for the abnormalities caused by HPV. If you have HPV positive, then your pap smear test may or may not be positive of abnormal changes in vagina and cervix which can lead to cervical cancer. The HPV is tested by HSV 2gG test for herpes simplex 2 which causes genital warts and blister and may or may not cause positive Pap smear test. Of you are positive for HPV in HSV 2gG test, and then you will continue to have pap smear tests after every 6 months.
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If HPV is in your system, does that mean you will always have an abnormal pap smear?

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