Do I Have A STD?


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What kind of symptoms are you having and I might be able to help you?
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You really need to get checked out it sounds as though you may have developed PID  or pelvic inflammatory disease  which is caused by an infection that has spread up into pelvis and can damage the uterus and the fallopian tubes permanently affecting your childbearing capacity . You do not mention it but are you having any type of vaginal discharge ? With most STD's there is usually a discharge but not always it could well be a simple UTI  but you will need a urinalysis and/or a pelvic exam with cultures to be certain. Honestly if your temp should happen to go back up to 103 tonight I would go into ER don't delay treatment any longer good luck
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Yeah it sounds like gental herpies. You need to go to a gyn and they will put you on some meds.and give you good advice what to do.Don't any unprotected sex with him or anyone else.I would dump him in a heart beat because if he cheaed once then he is apt to do it again.remember once a cheater always a cheater.And do't get your face near him down there you can catch it in the eye and in the mouth. Good luck!
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I with all these other people really encourage you to go see a health physician. The signs you have should alert you to go seek treatment. Go before you get so sick in bed you can't get up. You found that blister on your ex-bf's penis, this should ring a bell.
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It absolutely sounds like you have something going on and it doesn't sound good. I wouldn't wait another day- see a doctor immediately. The vomiting and fever concern me as do the rest of the symptoms but the fever is sign of something pretty severe especially as high as it is and for as long as you've had it.
Doctor, tomorrow!
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Yes, as if it were me i would go get checked. and i would say something is very wrong. if and when u get checked, and u do. I am very sorry for u. men are a..holes.
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Yes, do as Auntimaime advises, and I say this not as her mother but as a person who is concerned about you.  You need to be seen immediately and if you do not have the money, go to your nearest health department.  They have a particular interest in controlling the spread of any illness, but especially communicable ones, and it sounds like this is one.  They are not judgemental either. 
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Sweetie I definitely recommend that you go see a doctor immediately. That to me sounds like you have something I am not sure what but you probably do. I will definitely keep you in my prayers.. Goodluck Hun.
~ Meg-eezy

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