Can You Get A STD From Getting Head?


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You can get an STD from 'getting head' or receiving oral sex, although the chances of this happening are slightly lower than contracting an infection through penetrative vaginal or anal sex.

Can I get an STD from oral sex?

There are a lot of myths and rumors about STD's, and this makes it really important to figure out what is fact, and what is fiction.

You certainly can catch an STD from having oral sex, and here are a few of the diseases you risk catching:

  • HIV - can be transmitted through oral sex if there is blood or ejaculate present during the act. Performing oral sex is generally the riskier role. The chances of HIV being passed on are higher if the person performing the act has sores or cuts in or around his/her mouth area.
  • Herpes - Is caused by two strains of the HSV virus. Both can affect the genitals and the mouth, so oral sex with a herpes sufferer is definitely risky.
  • HPV - Can be passed on through oral, and is a potential trigger for throat cancer.
  • Gonorrhea - Can be transmitted via oral sex, and throat infections can be very difficult to treat. Catching gonorrhea from oral contact with a woman's genitals is uncommon because the virus usually affects the cervix.
  • Chlamydia - Is a lot like gonorrhea- it can be caught through oral sex, but girls that perform oral sex on a guy are the group most at risk.
  • Hepatitis B - Is a tricky one because research is inconclusive about how easy it is to catch the disease during oral sex. What is know is that anal-oral contact is a possible way of catching Hep B.
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Yes, you can! But only if the person who gave it to you has an STD though.

I hope you didn't get one!
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It is possible to contract many forms of stds through any sexual contact.

Stds are not only located in the genital area. You should use protection in any form of sexual contact.

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