Do You Have A Picture Of The Std Special Fried Rice?


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The Special Fried Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) is widely acknowledged to have been an Internet hoax used to either freak out or disgust people. The use of manipulation software such as photoshop was used to combine other disgusting pictures to manufacture rather grotesque pictures and claim that it was an STD known as Chicken Fried Rice disease. The picture can be found on Google images -
  • STDs
There are many different forms of STDs, or STIs (sexually transmitted infections) that can affect both men and women and can be transmitted by any number of sexual acts. Some STDs such as Chlamydia only affect women but can be carried and transmitted by men as well.

  • Avoiding STDs
The only real sure fire way of avoiding contracting an infection is by abstinence, i.e. No sex whatsoever. However, the use of a condom is the next best measure as this limits the amount of exchange of bodily fluids. While other birth control measures such as the pill may limit the chance of an unwanted pregnancy, they do nothing to prevent the transmission of infection.

If you are worried you may have contracted an STD or STI, you should consult your doctor immediately and limit your sexual activity.
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There is no such disease as special fried rice disease. This is just a joke that has been going around for some time. If you did find a link to an 'image' of this disease, you would just be shown a plate of special fried rice - that's all it is. It's just like the old school jokes about buying a pot of elbow grease (no, that doesn't exist either).

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