In Females Does Syphilis Make Your Urine Burn?


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ray of light answered
The burning sensation is not the sign of syphilis. The  fist sign of syphilis is the appearance of a painless lesion on the contact site after 10-90 days of transmission. This lesion is self treated after 4-6 weeks. Then it reappear after 1-6 months of first attack. The burning sensation after urination is usually due to gonorrhea. So visit a doctor for diagnosis and treatment and for more details, visit Syphilis.
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Penny Kay answered
More than likely you have a case of cystitis [bladder infection],or a kidney infection which would accompany lower back pain. The S.T.D. Gonorhea, will also cause burning discomfort during urination, in females. These conditons require that you see a Doctor and can become very serious if you do not do something about them.

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