Cramping Below The Belly Button,any Idea?


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I got to agree with the first comment made but if its not all those things I mean no belly button piercing,no pregnancy then it could be an infection due to wot you ate.nid to see a doctor nearest to your place and please avoid self medication but you could use soft painkiller
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I have missed my period for 2 days ,I'm having cramps arround my belly button,sometimes sharp pains ,I had home pregnancy test and the line appears to be very faint ,I'm confused of my pregnancy?
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I suppose if your not using birth control or any meds then you could be looking at a water infection or stds or pregnancy ruling out stds if your in a committed relationship it would be wise going to the doctor or nurse as they can test for all these for your diagnosis I have heard people with belly button piercings get cramps around this area more at the time of your monthlys too unsure why but it may apply to you take care
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Sounds like you need to drink some water more than usual. It's sounds like your blocked up from garbage/junk foods. I agree see a doctor since I am not a doctor.

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