What Does It Mean When You Have Pain Come In From Your Lower Belly Like Below The Belly Button Area?


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Tehani Shaw answered
Are you a girl? If so, it could be menstrual cramps. Otherwise, it could be something you ate giving your stomach cramps, which will most likely result in diarrhea, but afterwards you should feel better. If it is on the left (I think, but it could be the right) side of your lower stomach, it could be you appendix. Test this by lying flat and then pushing in, if it hurts when you release your fingers, it is your appendix. If you were exercising your stomach in the past few days, it is just sore muscles. If this persists, you should call your doctor.
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sara tumminelli answered
If it hurts when you pee and if you feel a constant urge to pee and you r bloated then it could be a urinary tract infection. Otherwise I don't know. Maybe something with your period?
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It definitely sounds like a urinary tract infection.  You need to go to the doctor before it gets worse.

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