When Falling Asleep Lately I Will Jump Awake Right Before I Fall Asleep. I Will Gasp For Air Because I Can't Breathe. What Can This Be? It Surely Is Scary.


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Yeah it sounds like a mild form of sleep apnoea. As you relax the sensation of suffocating can make you waken either at the beginning of a sleep cycle or during a deep sleep. Usually there is a reduction in oxygen intake and in some cases a special mask has to be used to convey more oxygen. Your doctor may refer you to a sleep clinic if it gets worse. Also it is prevalent in people who are overweight and a diet may also be recommended. :)
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casey green answered
I use to have the same dreams. There have been medical cases of people dying in there sleep when in a dream of falling they hit the ground and die. Your mind is thinking that your dream is real life and because its the control center of everything in your body, it will go into shock and adrenaline will rush within you and speed up normal body functions like breathing. If you wake up before hitting the ground you should be fine. If you hit the ground in the dream nothing will happen unless you know your body is in shock and your heart rate is speeding up, then wake up.
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Yeah could be anxiety. I believe that has happen to me before and its normal.

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It sounds more like anxiety. I used to do that too. I would talk to your doctor about it. They might be able to give you something for it. You should learn how to do relaxation techniques as well. Hope this helps, and I hope you feel better soon.
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I agree with tiggersmom and padraig. Go see your doctor for this. You know many ppl die during sleep apnea because they didn't know they have it.
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Go see your dr. They should be able to do a sleep test to monitor you as you go to sleep and beyond until you wake up. That would be the best. Good luck.

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