Why Do I Feel Sick And Have A Headache After Eating Sugar?


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If you feel sick and have a headache after eating sugar, this could mean you have diabetes or a pre-diabetic condition and consult your doctor immediately. If it is not diabetes it could be reactive hypoglycaemia, which is a condition where patients suffer recurring episodes of symptomatic hypoglycaemia that occur within four hours of consuming a high carbohydrate meal. It is thought to represent a consequence of excessive insulin release triggered by the carbohydrate meal but continuing past the digestion and disposal of the glucose derived from the meal. A blood glucose level below 70 mg/dL at the time of the symptoms followed by relief after eating is usually a sign of the condition. You should ask your doctor to conduct a 'glucose tolerance test', in which you will be given glucose and your blood will be analysed two hours later to determine how quickly it is cleared. Changes you can make to your diet and lifestyle may have a positive effect on your condition and alleviate your symptoms. These include consuming more fibre with a low glycemic index (GI), eating several small meals a day, increase exercise, avoiding sugary foods and drinks, alcohol, caffeine and starchy foods such as white rice, bread, pasta and potatoes. These actions may well help, but whatever the problem is, it is important to visit your doctor to get a professional diagnosis after proper tests before making any significant changes to your current lifestyle in case you make things worse.
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When you eat sugar, and your body does not respond correctly, many symptoms can occur.  I don't know if you've found your answer, but I have Reactive Hypoglycemia...where the pancreas secretes more insulin than it should.  Eating sugar raises the blood sugar very high and within a few hours, it comes crashing down...causing a multitude of symptoms.  Diabetes (the opposite of Hypoglycemia) could also be a problem.  This is where the pancreas does not produce enough insulin.  There are two types of Diabetes, one that requires insulin shots, and one that is corrected with diet and exercise.  Diabetes can also cause a multitude of symptoms.

I'm sure every answer you receive will say, "See your doctor."  I really would tell you to do the same.  I'm guessing the reason you might be asking this question may be that you don't have insurance???  If you want to monitor your blood sugar on your own, you need a glucose monitor, test strips, and lancets.  All of these can be purchased without a least in Tennessee, where I live.  The instructions on how to test your blood are easy to read, and they give you a good range to shoot for.  All of this can be purchased for about $75-$100...about the same price you would pay to go to a doctor, who may just tell you not to eat sugar, or simple carbohydrates....potatoes, corn, rice, refined/white flour, sugar.  

Hope this helps!
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Have you tried having your sugar checked I'm a CNA and it sounds like that after eating your sugar may be getting higher than what your body is use to.
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These products might be adulterated. If they make them from items in a storeroom, maybe, they spray them again. You might have difficulty digesting the fats and salt. They use HFCS, and it might not agree with you. Many products dropped real cane sugar for this substance. It is good to know what bothers you. In that way, you can avoid it. Check the actual label for the formulation. Pepperoni is notoriously bad. Just look at the color. How old it is doesn't matter. They sell pepperoni at the bakery outlet whether it is near its sell by date or not. Once purchased, it can last indefinitely. So, why you get a headache might never be pinned down. Headaches are mysterious. If you avoid these foods; and, thereby, avoid a headache, you are on the way to discovering the cause. Your taste buds haven't changed. It's bad food. There should be a short learning curve as well. Pepperoni isn't naturally red/orange. Avoid foods with added food coloring. Avoid foods with nitrates. I suggest you Home remedies for headache through this you get instant of knowledge about How do you get rid of a headache ?

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When you eat sugar or foods high in carbs your bodies response is to secrete more insulin to lower the blood sugar.what happens is called a rebound.the insulin causes your blood sugar to drop again.A fasting blood glucose at the docs office can rule out diabetes.

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