What Is CIDT Or CDIT? This Is Some Sort Of Auto Immune Deficiency. I Can Not Find Anymore Information On This.


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You are searching it wrong, it is Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP) .  Hope this helps

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I have not found any disease or condition whose abbreviation is CDIT or CIDT. Either you are not spelling properly or not using the right name of the condition. I advise you instead of writing abbreviation right complete name of the disease or write at least symptoms which the patient is having. Please not these changes and come again in new question on this website.
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I have the same question. The person who has it told me that it causes numbness in his extremities because his own body is destroying the mylen shyeath that covers your nerves in those areas. This causes numbness and inability to use those limbs. He is being treated with steroids and is able to walk again but stumbles. I am looking this up too for more information and not finding any.

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