Can Xanthomas Be Treated?


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Whilst Xanthomas is not harmful in any way, it can be treated and it is better to treat it as soon as possible. Usually a skin biopsy is not needed to diagnose the condition; a general visual inspection by your doctor can usually diagnose it easily enough. However, if you have Eruptive Xanthomas you will need a skin biopsy. If you have Eruptive Xanthomas it is usually treated through dietary fat restriction and prescription medicine. If you have ordinary Xanthomas however, it generally does not need treating but it can be treated for cosmetic reasons. The lesions are treated with Trichloroacetic acid and a slight burning sensation will be felt for a while, but it usually goes away fairly quickly.

So overall if you have ordinary Xanthomas you do not really need to have it treated, but if you have Eruptive Xanthomas you will need treatment! So get a diagnosis as early as possible to be sure that you receive the right treatment.

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