How Can Lupus Be Treated?


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In most people, the thing that triggers their lupus is not known so treatment cannot target a particular cause and then eliminate it. Instead, most lupus treatments are aimed at reducing the symptoms and the inflammation, where ever in the body is affected.

People with lupus are told to avoid sunlight, as this makes the condition worse, particularly if the skin is affected. If the person cannot avoid going out in the Sun, they are recommended to wear very high factor sunscreens.

People with lupus are also advised to exercise regularly to keep their muscles active and their joints moving to lessen the stiffness. They are also often given anti-inflammatory drugs, particularly non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen and aspirin, that lessen the swelling in joints and the problems in the skin. They may also be given stronger pain killers if the joint problems are causing a lot of discomfort.

Regular medical check ups are important, so that doctors can continually assess how the disease is progressing and change or introduce treatment as required.
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There is no cure. The best they can do is keep the disease at bay. Doctors hand out steriods for Lupus like candy in my experience. It will cause you to gain a ton of weight. What would have happened if I wouldn't have taken them, maybe nothing, maybe death.

Lupus is one of the most underfunded disease research in the USA.
We need to write to our congressmen and senators to ask for more Lupus funding.

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