My Calf Muscle Hurts When I Squat Or Kneel. The Pain Starts In The Upper Calf Moving Down To My Foot. The Pain Is So Sever It Feel Like My Leg Will Explode. There Is No Swelling Or Discoloration. Also My Left Arm Feel Weak. Can You Please Help?


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There are a few possible causes for these symptoms. One may be that it the muscle has not healed completely after injuring it. The other is slightly more serious and may be down to circulation problems.

If you have injured your calf recently through a tear in the muscle, the scar tissue which heals the injury may not elastic enough and would cause you pain. Sometimes, the scar tissue is too short and would cause a lot of pain every time it gets stretched as it is not flexible.

A good idea would be to try taking some anti-inflammatory pills to see if the pain subsides. The best thing to do if you suspect it may have something to do with an old injury is to visit a physiotherapist or doctor who specializes in sports injuries.

The other possibility is that you have intermittent claudication, which is basically any pains or aches that you get during activities such as kneeling or squatting. This is caused by peripheral artery disease, sometimes known as peripheral vascular disease. In this condition, your muscles cannot get enough oxygen due to blood circulation being blocked or restricted in the arteries. This would also account for the weakness in your arm.

Atherosclerosis is the hardening of the arteries and is a cause of peripheral vascular disease. This is usually brought on by diabetes, genetic risk factors, high blood pressure, a high-fat diet, obesity, high blood cholesterol levels, and smoking. You should go and see a doctor as soon as possible to clarify the cause of your symptoms, as atherosclerosis is a leading cause of illness and death. There is nothing better than a professional examination to diagnose any problems you may have.

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