What Can Cause Evey Bone In Your Body To Hurt And Swell Where The Pain Is Unbearable?


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I am having the same problem. I'm only 23 years old and I feel pain all over my body. It feels like its inside my bones, and sometimes I can't even open my fingers or walk on my feet because of it. Like you said it's hard to explain this type of pain to others that haven't felt it. I went to the Dr to try and see what was going on. My first thought was RA, but the Dr said I was too young. So he started suggesting that it may be a nervous system thing like fibromyalgia. He ran blood tests and did a physical exam and then notified me a week later saying my blood work came back normal and that I'm fine. Well that still does me no good because I'm STILL in pain all over and it's progressively getting worse. The bad part is I have no insurance because I was laid off of work due to budget cuts and unemployment is running out so the free clinic is my only option. I'm not sure what to do either because ibuprofen only works so much before my stomach is torn up, and I can't really take anything else because I'm allergic to opiates. So I definitely feel your pain!
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Sounds to me like Rheumatoid Arthritis which usually develops gradually, but some patients experience sudden onset of symptoms; one day they are perfectly healthy and the next they are dealing with rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. Symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis include: Joint pain, swelling and stiffness, and warmth around the affected joint. Sometimes accompanied by fatigue and noticeable loss of energy.
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The pain is a symptom not disease. The disease might be some where else. The pain in the any area of the body is an symptoms which have many causes than any other condition. The causes of the bone pain can be, bone cancer, bone infection, metastatic bone cancer, infection, fracture, injury, osteoporosis and sickle cell anemia and many more. Only doctor can differentiate the causes of your pain. Fibromyalgia is the pain not only on the body but the pain is increased by touch of the finger as well. If you are having pain only in the joints then it can be arthritis. I advise you to visit a doctor.

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