Is Lower Back Pain And Always Feeling Like Crying Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer? Or Diarrhea For 3 Weeks?


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Well according to my knowledge, Here is a list of most common ovarian cancer symptoms.
Abdomen pressure and swelling
Urinary urgency
Pelvic discomfort
Persistent indigestion and gas
Diarrhea or constipation
Loss of appetite
weight loss
Lack of energy
Low back pain
Seems like you would need to get a complete checkup with your doctor. Be aware that it takes at least 3 months before your doctor would be able to fully diagnose if it is cancer.
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ray of light answered
Although all symptoms like diarrhea, low back pain, fullness etc can be due to ovarian cancer but there are many other conditions which can cause these problems. Differential diagnosis is must before final conclusion. It will be good to see your doctor for proper diagnosis. For more details, visit Ovarian cancer.

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