What Is The Most Likely Cause Of Intermittent Sharp Pains In The Lower Left Back Torso?


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The most likely cause is sciatica or an inflammation of the sciatic nerve. This is generally an injury caused by a twisting motion that inflames the muscles and nerves of the lower back.

It is often started off by a nerve being pinched, and can cause sharp sudden pain on movement.
Sometimes the legs and related hip joint can go completely numb and then erupt into sharp pain that comes on like an electric shock. It can also manifest as a dull ache that comes and goes and runs down the leg.
The cure normally involves time to heal and some heat in the form of a hot water bottle placed on the spot or some voltaren rubbed on every few hours.

Sometimes it is a good idea to consult a chiropractor, or a massage therapist to get some relief. This normally involves manipulation to release the trapped nerve and bring relief
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What if the pain involves more of the torso (including the left side) instead of strictly the back or spine area?

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