My Hand Is Swollen From An Iv Site. What Could Be Wrong?


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Hi Rossi!
Sorry to hear of this trouble... The swelling went down and then came back?  Not a happy event, huh? 
Two possibilities:  [ 1.]  Where the IV infiltrated and ruptured the vein may have started leaking again causing the swelling to reoccur...  if the rupture site hasn't had time to properly heal and you stressed the area too much, then this is the likely cause....  or  [2.] the IV site has involved a secondary infection / inflammation.... This would show up as an angry red puffiness, hot (feverish) to the touch, and dehydration of the skin in the immediate area, with some evidence of drainage (pus)...  yechhh!
I imagine it is the first, and, if so, would recommend soaking the hand in a hot epsom salt solution to help alleviate the swelling for 20-30 minutes, then drying off and doing a tight wrap with an Ace Bandage hand/wristwrap to keep the swelling at bay.   Avoid using the hand as much as possible for a week or so, and hopefully that'll do the trick.
If it is the second, you need to get back to the Doctor as soon as you can be seen and get on an antibiotic / anti-inflammatory regimen suitable to the type of infection / inflammation they diagnose you as having...  but there are way too many MRSA's out there to take chances with, so seek professional care if you have those symptoms.
Diabetes complicates the picture, so if you are diabetic, see a physician no matter what your symptoms, okay?
Take care of this Rossi, and lay off the keyboard for a while...  You can still point & click and keep tabs on your blurtit bunch of inlaws and outlaws!
Love you!

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