Pt Noted To Have Blood Pressure Of 90/40 Dizzy And Lightheaded Unable To Walk Steady And Blurred Vision, Any Possible Cause To These Symptoms?


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I had that same blood pressure today, the nurse asked me to stand up fast and take my pressure because id been feeling a little light headed all day and my vision going dark a lot when I stood up and I sway a little. My BP was 90/40 and my vision was fine, so I hate to think what it would have been had I had my usual reaction on a bad day of my vision going dark red or blue... I was sent to the doctor and am having more tests done - really is a good idea especially as the 90 is borderline low and the 40 is supposed to be very dangerous, I was doing some research and if medication and proper help isn't sought and it gets worse it can be very very bad for your health, low blood pressure doesn't only lead to fainting, if it gets too low, too fast it could put you in a coma, seek help and you will be perscribed the right medication to help the blood pressure along.

It was suggested to me that it would most probably be a genetic reason for having such a low blood pressure as this is the most common cause, if your family has a history of heart problems then it is more likely to be a heart condition otherwise anything else genetic, only a doctor can really tell you though, best place to look.
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Fighting an infection can lower blood pressure,so can anxiety,panic attacks,etc.If the pressure remains 90/40 ongoing there could be an indication of low blood pressure,with the dizziness and blurred vision it could be sign of the need for a full MRI scan.

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