What Is Normal Blood Pressure For A 50 Year Old Man?


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There isn’t necessarily a particular blood pressure that should be considered normal, for one age group. A normal blood pressure is the same for men and for women no matter what age they are, given that bodies remain the same in function - despite looking different once they get older.

You should always remember that the ideal blood pressure for a person is around the 120/80 mark. This suggests that the body is generally healthy and there is an ample flow of blood to the main and important parts of the body. If you’re worried about your blood pressure, then you can now purchase your own blood pressure monitoring kits from normal pharmacists. You will be given instructions that allow you to understand how to work the machine, but most of us have already seen it done. You need to wrap the band around your arm, connect it tightly and then press the right buttons.

The band around your arm will inflate, and the machine will be able to read your blood pressure as it fights against the pressure put on it by the band around your arm. Many diabetics will have to do this anyway to ensure that they are healthy, whilst people with heart conditions will also have their own equipment so they can decipher whether or not their blood pressure is at a healthy and acceptable level.

The goals of treating high blood pressure can be difference, For instance, if you are a generally healthy adult then the goal of the treatment would be to get the blood pressure to around the 140/90 mark. However, if you are a diabetic or you suffer from a coronary artery disease, then the treatment may see 130/80 as a more achievable goal of the treatment. 120/80 should be the goal of a person who has congestive heart failure, however - and this figure must be maintained.
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There is no normal blood pressure range for different age groups. Normal blood pressure is same for men and women at any age. Ideal blood pressure is 120/80. Only goal of treatment of high blood pressure can be different. For example if you are healthy adult then goal of treatment is 140/90  If you are diabetic or having coronary artery disease then 130/80 is goal of treatment. 120/80 is goal pf a person with a congestive heart failure.
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I am 50 year old man and my BP is 196/129
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THe average blood pressure for your age is 129/25. 142/89 is the maximum that would be considered healthy; men typically have somewhat higher blood pressure than women , but still it would be advisable for you to have a check up, especially if you smoke, are overweight or under any strain. You can learn more here.

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