Why Won't The Swelling Go Away?


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I am a medical assistant not a doctor.  You must have poor circulation to your leg.  Do you have diabetes?  This can cause problems like that, which also wont go away.  I would keep your leg wrapped up and keep them up.  Yes, you need to walk around and get around.  But if the doctor didn't put you on any medications to help it.  All I can say is when you are resting keep your legs wrapped, and elevated up.   This will help with your circulation.  Drink plenty of fluids and try to stay off your feet as much as possible.  I know it wont take it away but it should help a little bit.  You can also try ice packs but that don't always do much either.  Good luck.
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Edema can be a sign of serious heart or vascular problems.

What you describe sounds pretty advanced and serious.

You really need to see another doctor for a second opinion if your primary doctor has not been able to effectively treat it.

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