Have Itchy Rash On Inner Thighs That Won't Go Away,could It Be Shingles?


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Even though the most common places for shingles are the chest and the stomach, you can get shingles anywhere on your body (even inside your mouth) so you certainly can’t rule it out unless you see you doctor.

Shingles can last up to four weeks, and the first symptom will be a tingling feeling in the affected area. This will be followed by pain, and then the rash. As well as these topical symptoms, you could also get some pain in your arms and legs; feel exhausted; and the nerves in the upper half of your face, including your eyes, could be affected. Even though a high temperature is not common, it isn’t impossible in these early stages.

The pain that is associated with shingles can feel like a dull or burning sensation with intermittent stabbing pains; these can range from being quite mild to severe, and you may have them for more than a week before the rash appears.

When the rash appears it will be on the side of your body that is related to the affected nerve. It will look like red blotches but will soon develop into blisters, similar to those with chicken pox. You will continue to get these blisters for up to a week but after three days, they will start to turn yellow and dry out, before turning to scabs.

Often the symptoms are mild, but you should see your GP so that you can get treatment, and definitely get medical treatment if you are pregnant, have a weak immune system, or develop any of the following symptoms: A temperature of over 38 degrees C (100.4 degrees F); memory loss or confusion; severe headaches, or any symptoms that affect your eyes and the surrounding area.
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Shingles, known as Herpes Zoster in medical term is a kind of viral disease which results in painful blisters over the surface of the skin. They are usually found in the Dermatomic area which runs longitudinally along the limbs with the peripheral nerve fibers. The virus is most common on the torso but can also appear on face, eyes or any other part of the body which includes the upper part of the leg.
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Hi, I've had itchy bite looking things that are red and swollen on my inner thight. They've been there for about two months and the first one still hasn't healed or left. I don't know wha he'll t could be! Insect bites maybe, but the first ones appeared holidaying in Australia staying with a friend, and now I'm back home, staying in a different bed with clean clothes etc.. I've had a history of eczema but this is different. The itching flares up almost everyday and it's driing me nuts. Please help!
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Yes, you can.  Since Shingles follows the nerves out from the spine, It all depends on which dermatome the Shingles originated from.  The dermatome for the upper thigh is in the mid/low lumbar area.  I have experienced this as well.
You can see an illustration of dermatomes and where they gohere.
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Hi I have shingles but went away but I have a rash in between my legs I don't know what it is it itches I can't stand it sometimes and doesnt want to go away I've had it for about 4 months plz help
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I have an itch in my inner thighs too but at first it was only in the right side now is on both sides. Please let me know your opinion, perhaps it my help me.
Thank you.
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NO, shingles are very painful, and appear as blisters
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You can get shingles any where but I heard they only show up on half your body they won`t be on both sides!!

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