I Have A Rash On My Armpits!? Could It Be Some Sort Of Heat Rash?


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Sounds like an allergy to your deodorant...try an unscented brand like dove..I have the same problem...I used to use scented deodorant but that was the problem....
to fix the actual rash the best remedy is  the home remedy take cornstarch and brown it in your oven...apply to rash use nothing else but cornstarch...like maybe when you are at home no other products, and wash off your pits getting all deodorant off..this will remedy the problem overnite!!!if not the next use should depending on how bad...this works on all heat rash...and is safe for small kids and babies too...good luck
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thanks for the corn starch thing, I'll try it!
But I'm actually not wearing deodorant today cause i couldn't find any when i got out of the shower! and i just looked at my legs and there's a rash developing there too so it's heat rash! oh no
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Or it could be your razor is dull. That happens to me. I like the Venus disposable razors. Also when you shave, shave upwards rinse your razor, lather and shave downward.  When I get a rash or bumps under my armpits I use Newsprint. Good for just about anything.

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