I Have Had A Rash On My Bottom That Looks Like A Heat Rash That Is Going Away But It Is Very Itchy And Irritated. What Could This Be?


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The most likely cause of symptoms like the ones you are describing is a bacterial infection, which is actually quite a common condition. If it is a rather mild infection, then you will probably be able to treat it with some form of steroid cream.

The application of steroid cream on the infected should help but you should only use it sparingly and infrequently. It is highly recommended that you apply this cream with caution and avoid applying it directly to the anus. It should be kept clean and dry at all times. There may also be an ointment available from your local pharmacy that you may be able to use instead of a cream. This should be applied with a cotton wool ball of something similar but again, be careful where you apply it.

If your infection appears to get worse, or you experience your skin splitting, bleeding or even a great amount of pain, it could mean that you have a case of piles. Piles occur when the haemorrhoids inside your anal canal become swollen or inflamed. It can be quite a painful condition to live with. It could also be a result of something called anal fissures, which are small tears inside your anal passage, again quite a painful condition to have.

If your symptoms persist or if they start to get worse then you should book an appointment to see your Doctor as soon as possible. You can apply as many different creams or ointments as you want but without proper diagnosis, it is unlikely that it will ever fully go away. Although you may be embarrassed about talking to someone about this, remember that Doctor’s deal with this kind of condition all the time and a lot worse. It is better that you endure a little bit of embarrassment than live in pain for the rest of your life.
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Hi d-morelock,

We really can't provide answers for this type of problem. I think you should see your regular doctor or a dermatologist ASAP -- that must be quite uncomfortable! Ouch! :-(

Please let us know how it goes!

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The disorder is due to a bacterial infection and in its mild form responds to antibiotic creams or ointments or in more widespread cases oral antibiotics. Only a doctor can diagnose whether your rash needs some antibiotic treatment. In advance, apply some vaseline in it, if doesn't solve the problem, then you might have to visit to doctor.
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I have a red rash on my bottom and arms it is like a heat rash but it is very itchy and red

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