I Have Rash In The Form Of A Ring On My Back Could It Be Ringworm?


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Yes it could be a ringworm witch spreads all over your body if you don't do anything about it, its shaped like a ring, and the worm is in it traveling through your skin. Try freezing it by putting ice on it, or getting some Tetterine ointment from your pharmacy, or see your doctor.
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curtis barkley
curtis barkley commented
The ring is a very perfect circle what's really scared me and it itch every so often some time more than often
Christine Lewis
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As far as I know it doesn't, it just itches, they are gotten from the ground, or by animals that have them, that you tend to hug or hold close to you. If you are having diarrhea, I would definitely go see my doctor, to me it doesn't sound like a case of ringworms.
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Mine is a small oval shape on my inner calf, only red on the outside, no lump or anything within it. Doesn't itch or burn. Any ideas?
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You can treat ring worm with the same medication that you use for Athlete's Foot.  Just get on it fast before it spreads.  It does take a while to get rid of.  Just keep at it and it will clear up.

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