What Does It Hurt My Lower Right Side When I Need To Pee?


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It depends. If you are a man you may have an infection of the bladder. Maybe a kidney condition or maybe you don't drink enough. If you are a woman it might be so that you have an ovarian cyst. If it hurts all the time you should see a gynaecologist real fast. If it comes and goes (by this I mean one day it's there the next it's gone) you can do a couple of tests yourself.
Now I have to say it's always best to go see your doctor but if you are really worried these test can help you narrow down a little. These test can lead to more than one conclusion ofcourse but the two main ones are ovarian cystes or appendicitis. If you push the area that hurts (for ovarian cyst) and let go real fast and a chock like pain is there that might be an indication. For appendicitis you should do the same but on the line between your side and your belly button. Also if you stomp the foot on the side that hurts and you feel again a shock like pain you should go see a gynaecologist or doctor. I've had two of these and probably have another one right now so I know how much it can hurt. Mine grew to 10 cm (don't know how to convert) and that's no joke to be dealing with. So go see a doctor before you need surgery.

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