What If U Have Swollen Lymph Nodes In Groin Area?


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This is often caused by an infection within your lymph node. An infection within the lymph node in the groin is usually caused by some kind of bacterial or viral infection. Infected lymph nodes, however, can also be caused by things like allergies, a metabolic disease, overactive thyroids, arthritis and even something as serious as cancer. Hence, if you currently have a swollen lymph node then you will need to go and see your doctor as soon as possible. They will be able to provide you with the treatment that you require to remain healthy, and avoid any potential problems in the future. Treatment for cancer, especially, will need to begin as soon as possible to have a positive effect on the body.

Lymph nodes in the groin area can also start swelling in response to something like a sexually transmitted disease, so all things should not be ruled out before you immediately begin to worry about having cancer. However, all these causes can be problematic and you should take the necessary step of seeing your doctor if you wish to remain healthy in the future.

The lymph node is considered swollen if it has increased to between two and three times its normal size. The average size of a normal lymph node is around half an inch in size, and swelling will generally last between two and four weeks. Your lymph node may also seem to become misshapen and hard to the touch, and for these reasons as well as a warm sensation on the node, you need to get treatment as soon as possible.

Generally treatment will be readily available to you if you seek help as soon as possible, but you must remember to not use the Internet as your sole form of diagnosis. You may pass it off as an infection when in fact it is something much more serious, so don’t take the chance.
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Hi, swollen lymph nodes usually denote some type of infection. I think you need to see your Doctor to be on the safe side. Take Care!
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Groin area is very common place to get swollen glands. If you are otherwise in good health and have no other symptoms, you could wait a few days and if they haven't gone down, go to your doctor. If you have other symptoms like a raised temperature, swollen glands in other parts of body (under arms, around neck close to hairline and under jaw at the sides) you have definitely got something! Usually swollen glands go down on their own as they finish fighting whatever it is they are fighting, but if you think you have something which you want some medicinal help for, then go to your doctor.
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I have swollen lymph nodes in my neck and right arm and I have taken too many antibiotics could that be reason also what is the treatment that is used
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One of the main causes that can affect these lymph nodes is a common thing called sweating yep that's right sweating can cause the lymph node to become swollen since you have had cancer markers done and infection tests I wouldn't really stress out over the matter I know you don't want them but at least there not life threatens which is a relief
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Good news that the markers have come back negative. Book a second opinion with another doctor, which is perfectly acceptable practice btw. Don't despair, worrying won't solve anything...all the best.

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