Is There Any Treatment To Relieve The Pain Of Swollen Lymph Nodes?


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Since swollen lymph nodes are usually caused by a viral or bacterial infection, antibiotics should be taken to reduce the infection and swelling (and pain).  But Internet sites also list ways to ease the pain while you're on the meds.  Some of them include taking acetaminophen (but NO ASPIRIN!), warm towels or heating pad on swelled sites, plenty of rest and fluids (especially if you have a fever).  Remember that if they get worse, or interfere with breathing or eating, call your doctor right away.
Hope that helped you out a little.
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I think taking antibiotics is too easy and not the best route.

You need a healthy diet and proper exercise. There are also natural supplements which help fight bacteria and stimulate the lymphatic system.

Thers a good ebook which will be of interest to you. Go to this website; covers everything from diet, exercise and treatment.

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