If Someone You Know Has Tb What Do You Need To Do?


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Rhyan is right.  It is very contagious.  People in health care have to be tested for this routinely.  It is an airborne illness, and is very contagious.  In hospitals people with TB are usually isolated in their rooms.  And the health care professionals have to wear special gowns, gloves, and masks.  When they leave the room the remove them and throw them away, in a biohazards container.  At least that is what I have seen.  I would say get a hold of the persons doctor, and see how it is treated.  Make sure there is a sign outside the home that states that someone in the home has TB.  Maybe there are different forms of TB.  If the doctor says it is not contagious I would get a second opinion.  The forms of it I have seen in health care seems to be, like MRSA, the hospital treats those patients the same.  Good luck, with this.  I am not positive on this one.
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TB is so contagious.  All that person needs to do is cough or sneeze and the bacteria droplets get in the air and another person breaths it in and it's transmitted.  You need to take some sort of action on this.... TB was the leading cause of death among children in the 1800's.  
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The tb  can or can  not be active tb. It only means that the person has been in contact with the the tb bacteria. Its called latent tb. The infected person will take a chest x-ray to determine  if  fit is active.antibiotics are recommend to ensure the bacteria is killed. However it can lay dormant forever without turning into active tb. Generally the immune system has to be compromised before it developes.
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Any person getting in close contact with anyone with TB should get checked.Especially if the TB person is coughing.What doctor said the it was not contagious? Then what kind of TB is it? Don't take a chance, all it takes is a quick blood test, or the "jab" or "prick" under the skin to see the results in 3 to 4 hours.

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