What Is Stage 3 TB?


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Stage 3 TB is the 3rd of four stages of tuberculosis. At this stage the body, in most cases, will start to fight against the TB infection with more success; many people who contract TB will not progress past stage 3. 

Those who have stage 3 TB are also no longer contagious.

Facts about tuberculosis

  • Not all people who contract TB actually get sick, only a small percentage become ill
  • TB is a bacterial infection, and it can be vaccinated against
  • Tuberculosis is passed through the air from person to person, and primarily affects the respiratory system
  • Some of the symptoms of TB include weakness, losing weight, fever or chills, and chest problems
  • Whilst many countries use the BCG jab to protect against TB,  tuberculosis is still a global problem which many countries do not vaccinate against
  • TB is also an issue amongst animals, such as badgers and cattle

Here is a short but informative video about tuberculosis:

You can also read a bit more about TB at the British Lung Foundation website.

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