What Would Cause Multiple Kidney Stones Over A Short Time?


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Anyone with repeated kidney stones should have their calcium blood levels checked.If it's on the high side it's usually a sign of a bad para thyroid which needs to be removed.Until this is done chances are the kidney stones will keep occurring.We have 4 para thyroids located around our neck areas and they can be checked using a procedure that uses dye!
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I have had kidney stones every 5-6 yrs since age 15 and also have 3 kids, I would rather have another kid (if I was younger) at least prayerfully I would have something to show for all that pain LOL!!! I would like to add to all these other good suggestions that my MD told me to stay away from green tea!! I looked up about teas and remember there was said to have something in teas that could be a problem with kidney and stones. Can't remember where I saw it, "Web MD"? I am milk lactose intolerant and don't really do milk products so can't comment on that. I also was told to drink lots of cranberry juice but make sure its real (like concentrate is sometimes) make sure and read label to make sure it's not all sugar! Yes it's painful and it creeps up on you ..first dull and then your screaming for the hospital, good luck to your daughter and hope she can find out what causes it..if they can catch the stone, they can tell you more!
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Drinking a lot of pop, kool-aid, or other sugary drinks could cause kidney stones. She really should drink more water. She may also have a kidney disease that is causing her kidneys to form stones, but more than likely, it is caused by drinking too much pop or sugary drinks and not enough water.
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My friend just had to go to the hospital with 10 kidney stones. What causes so many stones?
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I have problems with them too!!! Since the age 21!!! All of them are were from calcium!!!! And now I get them more and more!!!! But this last time I had them they were what is called sand stones!! Which are a bunch of little kidney stones and they are worse then the kidney stones!!! They both kill and I would rather give birth!!!! She need to see a specialist for this!!! I am sorry to hear about this!!!! I will pray for her well being and hope she gets better soon!!!!
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I have had three kidney stones in the past sometimes it's your diet sometimes it can be caused by the water in your area but a urologist will be able to tell you by taking urine specimans  there are several types of kidney stones and each one are caused by something different. I wish you luck they are definantely no fun.
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I am inclined to think it is diet and water consumption.  Are you on city water or a private well.  Calcium builds up sometimes in wells.
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I am 19 and I have multipe kidney stones in both kidneys. When I was 17 I had my first stone and developed an infection from it which put me in the hospital. What are causing these stones? And why are they just sitting in my kidneys?

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