How Long Do You Have To Live If You Have Bladder Cancer?


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If you have bladder cancer, the length of time you have left to live will depend on a number of issues, including how long you have had the cancer and how far advanced the tumour stage is. If bladder cancer is spotted at an early stage, a full recovery is possible.
Bladder cancer is one of over 200 types of cancer and about 10,000 people in the UK each year are diagnosed with the disease. It is far more common for a man to contract bladder cancer than a woman and it normally affects people over the age of 50. The biggest risk factor for bladder cancer is smoking. The longer a person has smoked for and the number of cigarettes they smoke have a impact on the risk. Chemicals that clause bladder cancers are present in cigarette smoke and the chemicals end up in the urine after the kidneys have filtered them.
The chemicals then damage the cells inside of the bladder. Repeated infections of kidney stones have also been linked with the onset of bladder cancer. There are two types of bladder cancer. Transitional cell bladder cancer (TCC) is the most common, it usually appears as a tumour, which grows into the muscle wall of the bladder, although it can also begin as a small growth on the inner lining of the bladder.
Carcinoma in situ (CIS) is a type of bladder cancer, which grows quickly. This starts as a red, ulcerated area in the bladder. The cells are very abnormal and if not treated quickly and effectively can become an invasive cancer. There are a number of different treatment options available to sufferers of bladder cancer; treating CIS involves removal of the affected area, followed by a course of chemotherapy. 60% of those treated for CIS will find that the CIS disappears completely.
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Well I have it and iv been okay I found out I had it when I was in high school. Now I'm a 63 and I'm still going.
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I have blood in my urine and this has been going on for awhile. The doctor is checking my bladder to see what is going on. I have no back pain or any pain at all. I have had this problem less then 7mos first time I had bladder infection, then. No infection what do you think is wrong?
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Bladder cancer affect lining of the bladder. Its symptoms are blood in urine, low back pain, urgency and pain during urination. Its treatment is by chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and immunotherapy. Its causes are hereditary, smoking and exposure to chemicals. Prognosis or outcome of bladder cancer depends upon tumor stage, grade, multiplicity and recurrence. Ta-G1 is low risk bladder cancer recur in half of the patient and progress in 5%. T1-G3 is high risk bladder cancer which usually recur and progress in half of the patients and the prognosis is poor. T1-G3 in combination with CIS, progress rapidly with very poor prognosis if not checked by surgery.  
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It all depends on how far advanced the cancer is, what stage it's in and how large the Tumor is in your bladder.
Only the Lord Jesus knows how long you will live. Here's a link that may help you to understand better.

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