What Causes Multiple Scoliosis?


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There is no condition like multiple scoliosis in medical & health. It
is confusion between multiple sclerosis and scoliosis. Both conditions are different from each other and not linked. Scoliosis is condition in which spine is curved like S or C. It is congenital condition. Multiple sclerosis is the degenerative disease of the central nervous system in which myelin sheath of the neurons of brain and spinal cord is lost. It is autoimmune disorder which
can be of viral or inherited origin.
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Scoliosis and multiple sclerosis can be linked. There are two types of scoliosis. One is congenital, where bones are fused during gestation. The other is idiopathic. This is where traditional doctors say it is a bone deformation. Natural medicine says address it with the scroth method which involves a chiropractor doing a treatment called Atlas Orthogonal followed by exercises. My son had migraines, tension headaches and scoliosis. Atlas orthogonal does work. Multiple sclerosis is a malfunction of the nervous system. In some cases atlas orthogonal works to correct it too.

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