I Have A Bad Burning Sensation On The Inside Of My Knee It Comes And Goes Along With Swelling And Not As Often When I Have Weight On It. Can You Help?


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Is this all that occurs? Did you have a fall or were you in an accident?

First thing check with a doctor. As I am not a doctor I am not going to presume anything.

I have very bad problems with my knees. There is swelling, and pain, but it is osteoarthritis and a doctor diagnosed it.  Lower in my calves I have worse swelling, burning sometimes,  but I also have some bruises.  I was at a clinic last night, some swelling I have he believes, is called lymph edema. Plus I know I have bad circulation.

Remember this is my condition. This is why it is always important to check things out, before we fear the worst... Try not to worry.

Hugs, FUry

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