I Have A Skin Rash On Arms And Legs But Itches All Over My Body, Can You Help Me?


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It could be scabies does it ich at night a lot you could get scabies from just about anywhere trying on clothing from department stores hugging ppl using other ppl clothing if you have children there there one that mostly get it just the fact that there around other ppl all day good luck and c the doctor asap
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It sounds like eczema but I would go to a doctor and ask them to run a test and they might be able to heal it with creams .
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I have red rash on stomach + it itches .I went to dr was given medicine all the other places on arms & legs are gone . What can this be & how can I get rid of it
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Almost sounds like you have boils. Keep the area very clean and keep all things that come in contact with the area clean. If you dry yourself with a towel, wash that towel, don't let anyone else use it. You can apply betadine to the area and keep it covered with bandaids. See a doctor and they can give you some antibiotics to kill the bacteria. If it definitely is boils, then eventually your body will build an immunity to them and they will go away.
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Skin rashes are the outbreak of the red bumps on the body and there are various reasons of these rashes. You need to consult with the doctor to get the correct medication according to diagnosis. For more information about skin rashes, visit the following two links.
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