Where Can I See Pictures Of Shingles On The Waistline?


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There are numerous sites that contain photos of shingles of the waistline, or which have a wide variety of information and advice about the condition.

Here are just a few:

  • The virus is also known as herpes zoster, or just zoster for short. The disease is not the same as herpes, despite the name, but they both belong to the same viral family.
  • The virus stems from chickenpox - a virus which usually affects children and young people. Shingles may stay in the body for years after chickenpox has been treated, and it goes on to form a condition with vastly-different symptoms to chickenpox.
  • The initial signs of shingles are the development of a fever and sense of malaise along with painful headaches. These will be followed by itching, pins-and-needles and burning pains.
  • Although children can contract shingles, it is most common in older and elderly people, and the virus tends to be more severe.
  • A red skin rash follows the initial symptoms, which usually appears on the chest, shoulder, face and arms.
  • The rash is normally a strip which is only limited to one side of the body, unlike hives.

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