Why Do I Have A Greasy/oily/buttery Taste In My Mouth Recently Even Though I Never Eat Greasy Or Fatty Food?


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When I have a drink of water I have a greasy taste in my mouth.... And my stomach is paining... And I am throwing up occasional
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Chances are you are low in your fats. ; ) Your body might be losing too much fat, so naturally it will want to replace it. Or  you may have eaten something that was high in saturated fats, which will make your body crave more of it. AVOID SATURATED FATS!!!! Lol. But otherwise, your fine.  Hopefully this helps. : )
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Charlotte Clifton
Oh wow really? I didnt know that. Why does it make my mouth taste like fat though? Haha. And I didnt eat anything high in saturated fats luckily! :)

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