Why Do I Have A Perfume Like Taste In My Mouth?


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This can be caused by numerous things. I will give a few examples of which one will probably immediately ring true for your particular case. If not, give it a few weeks and if it doesn't go away contact your GP. Dysgeusia is the medical term for a change in your sense of taste and could be described as a perfume or metallic taste.

Possibly the most common cause of a completely unprovoked taste in the mouth, is pregnancy. What causes this taste is hormone level, and in particular oestrogen. When you're pregnant, oestrogen levels change and your sense of taste may also fluctuate widely. Many people experience this symptom in their first trimester and unfortunately it is difficult to get rid of in this case. It will also tend to get worse after you eat or drink.

Similar to that above, anything else which may alter hormone levels may also have this affect, for example starting to take a contraceptive pill. In addition to this, some other medications have a similar side effect, most commonly antibiotics. Most courses of antibiotics will run for about a week and so during this time and for a few days after you stop taking them, you may have a strange taste in your mouth and even a fuzzy tongue.

Other examples could include anxiety, as you may experience drying of the mouth alongside altered hormone levels; taking strong flavored vitamins or supplements, as these often have a lingering taste which you don't notice at first as you will swallow them whole; spraying air freshener in your house, as your nose will get used to the smell but it will still be floating in the air and getting into your mouth.
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Are you on any medication that could be causing this as a side effect?
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I put my glasses in the freezer to be cold so when I serve my tea...etc.....but lately I'm tasting a perfume like husband does not...I'v tried to wash and rinse good with hot water...any ideas...
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By 'funny in mouth' I am going to assume you mean a funny taste which you experience in your mouth. This is a broad topic and I would suggest you visit your family physician if the taste persists. You would need to describe exactly what kind of taste it is along with a report on any other symptoms such as does your throat hurt? Are you experiencing any itchiness? Do you feel a bout of nausea coming on? It could mean that you will need to visit your dentist (as it could be a rotten tooth).

It could be bleeding gums which lead to a metallic taste in your moth. This is typically accompanied by bad breath. Understand that there are a range of medications which leave you with a funny taste in the mouth as a possible side effect. Another possibly cause is heartburn.

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