I Have A Citric Acid/metallic Taste In My Mouth All The Time. Taste Is Fine. Any Ideas ?


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Go to the doctor. Sometimes this could be neurological
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Hmm do you get heart burn? Could be the acid reflux causing the taste, could also be an abscess tooth causing it, fish poisoning (maybe you ate some bad fish), excessive use of selenium can case various adverse symptoms, post nasal drip (taking any medications that you inhale?), could be either mercury or lead poisoning, see if you can rule out any of these.
Let me know!
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Thanx for your answere i do get heartburn from time to time but not past few months !! I dont eat fish im not on medication other than vitamin suplements another blurter suggested leaking filling and since i have recently had a loose filling and the tooth finally broke yesterday im hoping thats what its been as the taste is greatly reduced since and will be attending a dentist to get it repaired asap thanx again take care Andy
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I would assume that perhaps you have a cracked filling that is leaking in you mouth. The bad side is that they say when someone is about to die they have a metallic taste in their mouth. First go to the Dentist as I am sure it is more this than the other!
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Thanks for sure answer i guess you got it right !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tooth broke and had a filling ,that's very accurate and dentist will be dealing with it soon thanks again

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