I Am Exhausted And Now Have A Red Burning Rash On Face. What's Wrong?


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Moe Pence answered
Do you feel as though you have the flu?  Are you dizzy, or feverish?  It sounds almost like you have Shingles, which will also cause a burning rash on the face.  If the rash starts to turn to small blisters, please see a doctor as soon as you can, because shingles can be very painful if not treated.  Also, certain teeth that abcess will also produce a hot redness in the face, but you will know that because it's painful in the gum area.  Fibromyalgia may also be the cause of this.  I do sincerely hope that whatever it is, that if it doesn't go away, or gets worse, that you'll seek medical attention (but I hope it just goes away on it's own, and you get some rest).

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