What Could Cause High CK Levels, Muscle Weakness, Pain, Muscle Twitches And Fatigue?


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This could be a number of illnesses or allergies and you should see your doctor about your symptoms. CK levels peak when your heart, brain or muscles are under stress. These can be under stress for a number of reasons from a heart attack to a badly pulled muscle.

By the sounds of it, you have issues with your muscles as you have mentioned twitching, weakness and pain. This can be caused by a range of things. Many allergies or illnesses can give these symptoms as the muscles may not be getting the correct nutrients or enough oxygen to them to keep them working at their peak. Muscle twitching and pain can also be a sign of changes in blood sugar so this may be something else you may need to keep an eye on.

Our bodies are clever things and with these symptoms they are not only telling you that something is wrong but they are also trying to adapt to the change that is going on within your body. It may be a good idea to ask your doctor to do some tests to see if you have all the right nutrients you need to function as this could be a problem that is as simple as a change of diet.

Keep a diary before returning to your doctor and keep in there what you have eaten, how long and when you sleep, when you go to work and when you have leisure time. Also make sure that you keep your symptoms and how severe they are in this diary as you may see some interesting patterns emerging between your lifestyle and your illness.
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CK is the abbreviation of Creatine Kinase which is enzyme present in muscles, brain and heart. Its normal levels are 25-200. Higher levels of CK can be due to
  1. Muscle damage
  2. Heart attack
  3. malignant hyperthermia
  4. McLeod syndrome
  5. hypothyroidism
  6. Medicines like statins also cause increase in CK levels.
Your chest pain might be due to some heart problem. In my opinion get complete cardiovascular investigations. If you are using cholesterol reducing medicines then CK higher levels can be due to this medicine because it causes muscular myopathies. Your doctor can elaborate it properly.

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Ck levels increased due to the damage in the muscles, and when such damage takes place then the enzyme (ck) get into the stream of blood, in other words the ck levels caused the disease myositis.

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