Can Infected Lymph Nodes Cause Nerve And/or Muscle Pain In The Face?


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Absolutely. Swollen cervical lymph nodes  can put pressure on  the Trigeminal nerve.  The nerve has three branches reaching into you upper and lower teeth and above your eyes.  The pain can, for example be felt in the teeth.  If you suspect infected Lymph Nodes get to a doctor, it's nothing to fool around with.
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If it causes you to clench your jaw when you sleep, then yes! I have all those same symptoms and it's from grinding my teeth. Ouch!
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You might be having facial neuralgia and you can be a  case of atypical facial pain (ATFP). There are many possible causes like
  • Sinus infection
  • Teeth infection
  • dental trauma
  • compression of trigeminal nerve.
There are also reports that mild infections of ear, sinus and teeth for longer periods of time can damage trigeminal nerve causing facial pain.
Treatment with medicines can work but cure is difficult.

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