Can High Levels Of Stress Cause Your Unborn Child To Be Born Unhealthy?


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I guess this could be true. If you are stressed then maybe you aren't taking care of yourself properly. You need to pay attention to yourself and try to put the stress on the back burner. I know it's easier to say then to do but if you try to make yourself think about the baby more then maybe you can push the stress away.
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Angel Whitley
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I don't think stress can cause your baby to be unhealthy, but it could possibly put you into early labor which you would'nt want that. The only way that your baby can be unhealthy is if you do Alcohol, drugs, tobbacco, etc..Or if you have a history of someone in your family such as down Syndrome or Mental Retardation then the chances are greater and what not, But I don't see how stress can do that, everybody who i s pregnant is under stress, wheither it be wait gain, dis comfort, etc. So I would not worry about that, just ask your Doctor..

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