What Does A White Blood Cell Count Of 17.5 Indicate Besides Infection?


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A high white cell count could mean trouble as in leukemia . Please see a doctor and be tested for this is nothing to play around with.
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I have seen the doc. Original count has now gone up again to 19.5 in two days. Did a LAP blood test which I think is supposed to show indication of lymphoma or leukemia. She said that looks okay. Still investigating. Did a PAN blood culture Friday. Won't get results til at least Monday. Still no symptoms other than fatigue and some weight loss (though I have been watching my weight). Very worried. I'm single mom of 4 kids and also take care of my 80-year old dad. Having cardiac ultrasound next Wednesday in case it's something with a valve. I'm baffled and so is my doc. After results of PAN culture may be seeing hematologist. Could this be a leukemia or lymphoma?

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