What Are Corns And Ingrown Toenails?


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Corns are caused by pressure spots on your toes. A thick growth of tissue builds up. This, in turn, presses on the deeper skin layer, causing it to become tender. Corns usually develop over the joints of toes of persons whose shoes do not fit well. When inflammation occurs and pus forms under the corn, you will be moved to attempt a cure. It is best to leave any surgery to a competent doctor. Unwise use of razor blades and foot medications can complicate a simple ailment. A moleskin plaster can ease the pain, but well-fitting shoes are necessary for a more permanent solution.
An ingrown toenail can result from poor-fitting shoes. It can also be caused by tight-fitting stockings exerting pressure on improperly clipped nails. Treatment will require the cleaning of the corners and use of medicated cotton under the nail. Severe cases may require surgical removal of the nail. For prevention, avoid shoes that cramp your toes; also cut the nails straight across and not too short.
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Corns are thickened areas of the outermost layer of the skin,the stratum corneum. In response to excessive pressure or friction the cells in the basal layer are stimulated to divide more rapidly. At the same time, the excess pressure compresses the dead cells in the stratum corneum, preventing them from flaking off as normal. Thus there is a localised build up of dead skin. If this presses on a nerve ending it will be painful. A podiatrist can easily remove this for you and give advice on prevention.

An ingrown toenail is caused by a spike of nail penetrating the skin. It will bleed and become septic and you should see a podiatrist asap.Some people also refer to an abnormally curved nail as "ingrown", this should more properly be called an involuted toenail, and is a more chronic, but less serious problem.

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