Three Year Old Boy Extreme Pain In One Leg Only, At Night And Sometimes During The Day. Could It Be Growing Pains But One Leg Only?


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yeah my sister is 14 years younger then me and I remember when she got them they were pretty bad and one leg at a time. I would lay awake at night and rub her leg and give her warm socks in the day time. I would just do what you can to make him comfortable and maybe give him a little tylonole
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It could just be growing pains but, my nephew had a similar situation at age 4. He was just a little guy, but he (at that young of an age) had a bit of a bulging disc in his lower back that put pressure on his sciatic nerve and caused the same type of pain you describe. His pediatrician gave him some simple exercises to do every morning upon waking and within 1 week all was well. Granted it was a rare thing for such a little guy but maybe a question to be asked on your next doctor visit. Good luck!
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Listen to your child and Go see a DR! A friend lost her son to cancer even when she took him to the DR- the Dr thought it was growing pains. Ask for test! Blood work. Have xrays done and if needed a MRI. Get 2nd opinions. Rule out serious problems and then say it is growing pains. Another friend is dealing with her son having Perthes disease (Symptoms are limping, pain in leg.) He complained of pain in one leg- and would sometimes limp. She also took him to Dr and had test done and the Dr couldn't find anything wrong until they saw a specialist. Any problem your son has is better solved the earliest it is caught. You are his voice- speak up so he can be heard!

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