My Legs Hurt And At Night When In Bed, The Pain Is Worst And Interferes With My Sleep. What Could Be The Problem?


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There can be a number of reasons why there are leg pains and especially when it gets worse it night.  It could be something as simple as a sore muscle but it could be a precursor to something like a heart attack.  It can be good news to have leg pains as often tests to find out the cause can pick up other issues that would have normally been missed.

Leg pain could mean something as serious as blocked arteries and if the blood cannot circulate properly the consequences could be severe.  The proper name for this is Peripheral Arterial Disease or PAD and most people who contract this have a life span of about 5 years.

The pain could be due to other things such as possible nerve damage or trapped nerve.  Lying down may aggravate it and again the nerve does not have to be in the legs even if the legs are the area that hurts.

As with all medical issues it is best to see a doctor.  Think carefully about the timing of the pain and is it actually worse when in bed or is it always the same but when you are lying waiting to sleep it is playing on the mind more.

Depending on the age it could be arthritis.  Some sufferers find they are in more pain in a certain position and in this case it may be that lying down is a bad thing.

Don’t just take tablets to get through the night but seek treatment as soon as possible.
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Perhaps you need to place pillows under your knees or between your knees.  I think if you support yor knee area itll be a lot more comfy for you.  Once in a while try a tylenol before bed.
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Restless leg syndrome try elevating your legs
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Many causes, but the one I have found to suffer most often is potasium deprivation. Eat a banana about an hour before bed and suffer fewer leg cramps at night.
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I also have leg pain at night, I will wake up and down my right leg will hurt really badly. This happens to me every night. I am a 16 year old girl and I'm sure it isn't growing pains. This pain only occurs in the middle of the night and only on one leg.

So would it also help me to eat a banana before a go to sleep?
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could be bad circulation or the muscles aren't getting the proper nutrients...consult your personal physician asap if the problem persists

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Leg pain at night can be due to restless leg syndrome, charley horse problem, diabetic neuropathy, deep vein thrombosis, pregnancy/menstrual periods, fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, alcoholism, dehydration etc. You should visit a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.
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I have tightness in my legs at night when I want to sleep. My legs want to keep moving all the time, They feel like really tight   like   over   worked muscles.
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When I had that, they was leg cramps that I thought were growing pains. I got them after I was very active and then was really still or sat down afterwards. Or sometimes they would come by themselves. They stopped after a couple of years, there was nothing I could really do about them. I don't know if you have the same thing but it sounds similar. Sorry if that didn't really help!
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Mine hurts to. But I just think  cause I walk for a long  time but my leg doesn't let me sleep sometimes.
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I get leg pains at night also in thighs and hips, also pain in top of legs when staning up from sitting.
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I have leg pain at night too.... And have had many vascular tests but no one has found anything wrong. Shin splints were one guess, blood clot, vascular problems... Nothing... I do have fluid behind the knee because I need total knee replacements so I'm chalking mine up to that. I have found that icing them helps, sometimes Elavil which is an antidepressant can help with nerve just take it before bed time.... Ask you doctor about it. I also have tried a lidocaine patch which gave me some relief for the sharp pain along the shin bone. Pain can be tricky because it can radiate and the problem might not be where you actually feel the pain. Good luck.
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I would say probaly growing pains. I don't know 4 sure but you could reasearch it online and c what comes up.

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