What Can Cause Wheezing When I Lay Down At Night?


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Wheezing is a symptom of an illness. In most cases, it relates to the breathing system also called the respiratory track. An irritation of this system may cause wheezing. However, when it happens only at night, it implies that the irritation may be triggered or exaggerated by a factor present at night.

To wheeze is to produce a course, continuous, whistling sound from the respiratory airways during breathing. There are some common causes of this condition. Among them, include

Asthma, bronchiolitis, and vocal cord dysfunction. However, these are only possible reasons since wheezing is a symptom of an illness. For instance, asthma being a chronic disease of the lungs, it causes the airways to tighten, swell and produce excess mucus. This leads to difficulty in breathing and is normally aggravated at night due to low nocturnal temperatures that irritate the airways passage leading to wheezing in an attempt to get sufficient oxygen in the lungs. Bronchiolitis is another factor, which may cause wheezing at night. In effect, it leads to swelling and excessive mucus build-up in the bronchioles that are the smallest air passages in the lungs. This is mainly due to viral infections. It is statistically noted that in cold seasons, there is a high incidence of this disease, which is coupled by difficulties in breathing and among the frequent issues, is wheezing. However, without medical diagnosis, it would be incorrect to conclude that these are the only causes since others also constitute to this condition. For instance, any condition that can lead to blockage of the airway is considered as a potential cause.

Allergies have also contributed to this condition with most being because of hypersensitivity to allergens. The response by the body is to cause mucus production to eradicate the allergen and in the process congests he airway. In the end, wheezing results. This may mainly due to cold, dust for instance by the beddings, perfumes among others which when inhaled leads to excessive mucus production.

Cases of poor dieting are on the rise today with an increase in the number of obese people. This implies that due to obesity, there may result in chest congestion, which may lead to breathing difficulty hence wheezing. For this condition to be eradicated or minimized, it is important for one to undertake a medical check up to ascertain the real cause of such a condition since they are many differing.
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Wheezing refers to a sort of whistling or hissing sound made by people while breathing. This is found in asthmatic patients and is caused due to obstructions in the respiratory tract or compressions in the airways. An asthma person is bound to suffer from wheezing but every person who wheezes may not be afflicted by asthma. There are different types of wheezing.

Wheezing worsens while lying down because the respiratory tracts or airways are compressed and narrowed further by the act of lying down. This causes a person suffering from wheezing to face more problems while lying down. Muscles in the airways contract making the patient suffering from wheezing to make extra efforts for breathing through narrow airways worsening the condition.
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I would suggest getting tested for copd.....

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