I Have A Bad Cough And My Doctor Says It's Asthma. How Can I Have Asthma When I Never Wheeze?


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Asthma has become an umbrella term to describe any chronic respiratory condition that doesn't have a pathogenic or structural cause. Pathogenic meaning caused by a virus or bacteria, and structural meaning a gross abnormality in lung structure or function (like cystic fibroisis). So most people nowadays being newly diagnosed as asthmatic have not ever had a wheezing episode. But they may well do in the future, especially if they don't get treatment or understand what triggers their attacks.

In many cases, in fact, the asthma is just a chronic cough, especially at night-time. It can be worse at night if someone's asthma is trigger by dust mites which tend to densely populate most people's bedrooms.

The broadening in definition of what asthma is, is partly why asthma diagnoses are more common. In the past. It used to be, when many people had untreatable lung infections, including turberculosis, you counted yourself lucky if you only had a bit of an annoying night-time cough. You certainly didn't bother a doctor about it.
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I have asthma and I don't wheeze unless I have a cold and it turns into chronic bronchitis then I go to wheezing but asthma you get short breaths like you can't breath and also it feels like your air ways are closing up on you and it gets really hard to breath
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It is called coughing asthma. I have the same thing.
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Having asthma doesnt mean you weeze

plus your doctor has training he is right you probably do have it..
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Coughing Asthma is a type of asthma. The bronchoconstriction occurs causing you to cough.  Wheezing is an early sign in kids, late sign in adults.  If you have coughing asthma and it gets bad enough---you'll wheeze.

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