Swollen Abdomen And Swollen Legs, Is It Renal Problem?


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Possibly. Renal complications are serious and complex with a range of symptoms; some of which, such as the swollen legs and abdomen you mentioned, are somewhat nondescript and could relate to any number of medical issues. The best thing you could possibly do in any eventuality is see a doctor as soon as possible. Kidney failure can lead to death, so an early diagnosis is of paramount importance.

Kidney failure is typically detected by testing the blood for abnormal levels of creatinine, and most of the problems it causes are related to irregularities in the contents and make-up of the blood. It can lead to anaemia, loss of blood through the urine, irregular acid levels, and many other complications.

There are two types: Acute Kidney Injury and Chronic Kidney Disease. Acute Kidney Injury is a rapid loss of kidney function, and is often detected through a condition known as oliguria; a massive reduction in urine production. Chronic Kidney Disease develops slowly and is a more long term condition. It can be hard to detect early on, and is often the result of other disease. Treatment for both cases will usually involve hemodialysis; a method where a machine extracts the blood, cleans and regulates its contents, and then returns it to the body.

Symptoms vary from case to case, but can involve a range of urinary problems, from blood in the urine to urine in the blood, and everything associated, such as vomiting, dehydration, nausea etc.

Patients may also suffer from itching, bone damage, back pain, concentration or memory problems, difficulty sleeping and darkened skin. There are a host of other symptoms, but the advice remains the same for everyone, see a doctor. Diagnosis at home is simply too unreliable.
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Swelling of leg or edema is related with sodium retention that can be due to renal failure. Diabetes is another cause. But when leg swelling and abdominal swelling are together then the problematic area can be liver. In liver diseases when liver is unable to make its protein called albumen then water accumulates in abdomen and legs resulting in edema of legs and abdomen.
Abdominal  swelling is result of ascites which can be due to liver cirrhosis. So, by keeping in view of only two symptoms mentioned in your question, you are having liver disorder. Visit a doctor for complete investigations and treatment.
Please note, my findings are based upon only two symptoms mentioned in questions which require clinical correlation before final diagnosis.

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OMG! I just googled regarding similar problem and why does it feel as though I might have liver problem as well... My stomach feels bloated; don't know whether it is swollen but my legs are definitely swollen and the arc of my feet feels swollen and hurts. There maybe many reasons for it but as I have been taking 1000mcg Chromium Picoinate everyday to reduce weight, it might have affected my liver! I am 5 feet tall and weigh 55KG and has flat foot...so I actually don't know...
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Oh! More facts... I am 25 years old and female....
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I had my thyroid out in October of this year. Than I couldn't afford to pick up the medication for a month. I will say I have never been an obeying patient and have not seen my endocronologist since the hospital. I'm embarrassed quite frankly.
I cannot tell you how crapy I feel and how badly my body aches.

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